What is the difference between earphones and earbuds?

Are the earphones different from the earbuds? They are all in-ear phones. Can be used to listening to music, learning, making phone calls?  But the difference can be in a word: Earphones with a sound tube, in theory, can be infinitely close to your eardrum. Otherwise, there is no way to do with Earbuds. Let us analyze it again.

The design of the earbuds is not really suitable for your ear canal. Most models do not have any mats, they are basically small plastic speakers (space outside the ear canal) placed on the outer ear of the ear. Most Airpods users are familiar with this type of headset. Some models have hooks that can be hung on the ear for fixing.


However, the earphones are generally designed with a sound tube that can extend to the ear canal itself. Typically, the sound tube has a silicone tip ear cap. In addition to silicone, there are many different sizes, shapes, and materials. When someone mentions “Earbuds,” most people think of this shape. However, in reality, they do differ.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of headsets?
Earphones and earbuds are suitable for “anytime, anywhere”, especially TWS Bluetooth headsets, which have their advantages and disadvantages. We recommend using different Earphones in different scenarios. Some people want to enjoy music while exercising, while others prefer to listen to their favorite tracks quietly. Some people like to spend time while traveling, others use them because they are small, cheap and don’t mess with the hair.

What are the advantages of Earphones?
Advantages of Earphones
Compared with Earbuds, the biggest advantage of Earphones is that they are sealed and have high sound quality. On some high-end models, the frequency response is about 5 to 20,000 Hz, because the sound tube can be worn close to the eardrum, so the sound quality can be restored. Comfort is another advantage of Earphones. Because they are in your ear canal, the sound insulation is very good. Some brands offer custom-fitted Earbuds that fit your ears and stay comfortable while completing the last mile or the last set in the gym. These should not be confused with in-ear monitors, which are technically built in the ear but are more advanced (and expensive) internally, especially for musicians.

What are the disadvantages of Earphones?
Since the airtightness of the earphone is generally good, the earphones are inserted into the two ears, so they may be less sensitive to external voice. The sound of the alarm may be missed. Therefore, we do not recommend using earphones while walking, riding or driving on the road. Of course, if you only use one earphone at one time, we will not have any opinions.

What are the advantages of Earbuds?
The advantages of true Earbuds
The Earbuds are often not closed, so the sound to the outside world is not as slow as the Earphones. However, if the sound of music is too loud, there may still be a problem of slow response to external sound alarms.

What are the disadvantages of Earbuds?
The shortcomings of the Earbuds are not tight enough, and the sound quality is not as good as the earphones, especially the low-frequency part. If you really like the shocking feeling of heavy bass, you may not choose Earbuds.

Should I purchase earbuds or Earphones?
Earphones and earphones have their own advantages and disadvantages, and each has its own market.