In September last year, Apple iPhone 8/8p/X build-in the wireless chargers receiver. From then on, most people believe that hot-selling of the wireless charging is on their way. But there still most people doubt it. WPC reported the data of Wireless Charging and looked to the future.

Forecast Trends Chart on the rapid growth of the global wireless charging market

Prediction of the global wireless charger market

WPC summarized the data from 2017 to this month. According to the growing trend, both wireless charging transmitter and wireless charging receiver will increase exponentially year by year. As for the specific figures, it is estimated that there will be 550 million receivers and 200 million transmitters by 2018. It is also estimated that by 2020 there will be 1 billion receivers and 400 million transmitters. It will almost double. In 2025, there will be 2 billion receivers and 800 million transmitters. It will double again!

wireless power market forcast

Not only WPC’s report reveals the enormous potential of the wireless charging market, but research agency IHS Markit’s report also supported this conclusion. In April 2018, the “2018 (Summer) China Wireless Charging Industry Summit Forum” was held. “IHS Markit forecasts the wireless charging market and the industry has great potential. Both the transmitter and the receiver will have a strong development trend, and the growth rate will be rapid.” That is representative Yu Shuang of the WPC of China. The figure shows the data by IHS Markit 2017. The researchers belive in that the development in the next few years may exceed this expectation.

2017-2018 the number of the WPC’s members

2017-2018 the number of the WPC’s members

You may have wondered about the wireless charging market is so hot. According to the new analysis, as of April 30, 2018, the number of WPC members has increased to 534. In September last year, Apple’s new iPhone was confirmed to carry wireless charging. At that time, there were only 251 WPC members. The number of members now doubles directly. This number directly reflects the hot-selling in the wireless charging market.

Apple drives the wireless charging market

iPhone 8 iphonex bring a hot selling of wirless charger

September 12, 2017, was a landmark day for the wireless charging industry. Apple released three new models, the iPhone X and the iPhone 8/8P. They all equipped with wireless charging. Driven by Apple’s huge appeal, mobile phone manufacturers like Gionee , Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu and other companies have carried this function.

On November 26, 2017, Gionee released new mobile phone M7 Plus. It is the first mobile built-in wireless charging in China. On March 27 this year, Huawei and Xiaomi hold a press conference on the same day and released their first wireless charging phone Huawei Mate RS and Xiaomi MIX 2S. On April 22nd, Meizu released its first wireless charging phone Meizu POP Wireless earphone and Meizu Wireless Charger. Especially Meizu POP earphone built-in wireless charging. Earlier than the Apple AirPods.