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There coming an amazing wireless Transmitter who can transfer to 30 pieces device in 24 meters.

Hi. Everybody.
Speaking of wireless charging, most people have been familiar with it since the iPhone 8 and iPhone X came out.

Of cause… The wireless suspension charging is pretty cool.

However, although these so-called wireless charging has been cool, it cannot play games when charging, cannot fresh your facebook … …

Now, there comes a really wireless charging. There is release a new wireless transmitter by a company called Powercast.

It looks like a Bluetooth speaker.

But it is used to transfer the wireless power to the different devices, instead of enjoying music.

It is simple to use.

Just to embed a microchip in the receiver devices.

It will create an area like Wifi, and charge the devices in 24 meters.

It can charge 30 devices at most at the same time.

Of cause more closer to the transmitter more efficient when charging.

If it has shortcomings need to improve? The answer is yes.

That is the charging power is half a watt. As a result, it needs more than a whole day to charge a mobile.

If they can improve the charging speed, it would be even awesome.