–Debco is recalling

Debco (asi / 48885) and the Canadian Ministry of Health jointly announced the voluntary recalling of Debco wireless charger Iris wireless charger (model: CU9419). This Debco wireless charger model may have a risk to smoke and/or melt, posing a burn hazard to the user. Debco received a smoke report and a melting report. No one was injured. Click to view more information.

Crystal wireless charging pad

The affected chargers are round in shape and clear in color. On the back is printed model number CU9419 and date code S / N 201712 DP1986 or S / N 201803 DP2035. About 1,312 pieces were sold between February 2018 and April 2018.

“We ask that you stop using and distributing the wireless charger and return [them] to Debco for proper disposal,” said Stan Gallen, senior vice president of sales and marketing, in an official recall statement to distributors. “Debco will cover the cost of shipping. Health Canada requests that all distributors who sold this item within the affected time period contact their clients and inform them of this voluntary recall.”

In-depth Interpretation

In fact, the price of this model ( Somebody called it crystal model) is very low. But the quality is lower than you can imagine. According to industry sources, the defective rate of the even reached 30% when this model was assembled at an assembly plant. No one even dared to provide aftersales warranties for this model.

So, some test is necessary that include OCP(Over Current Protection), DPL(Dynamic Power Limiting), ATB(Automatic Temperature Balance), FOD(Foreign Object Debris). (Here teach you How to reasonably choose wireless charging scheme and wireless charger chip). The best way is to get QI-CERTIFY.


Qi is a mature open standards specification designed to help consumers use the most advanced technologies. Qi-certified products need to pass compatibility and safety tests. Qi’s Logo is a symbol of compatibility and safety. Different brands of products, as long as there is a Qi logo, Qi wireless charger can be used to charge. The series test verifies that the charger is compatible with other Qi phones, and at the same time, it can ensure that the product is safe and reliable, and can prevent injuries and prevent equipment damage (heating of coins, damage to mobile phones, damage to NFC cards) and so on.

The benefits of Qi certification:

1. Prove that the product’s performance meets the requirements and achieve a certain degree of safety;
2. The product plus the Qi logo means that terminals of different brands and models can be compatible;
3. Increase the attention of high-quality buyers, especially North America and Japan and South Korea market;
4. To enhance corporate image and product value, especially the current market for wireless charging products.

How to Join WPC and get the QI-CERTIFICATION, please click here  Interpretation of the latest version of WPC Qi V1.2.4

In fact

The wireless charging pads are like a tiny microwave oven. The safety is very important.