WPC(Wireless Power Consortium)
OCP(Over Current Protection)
DPL(Dynamic Power Limiting)
ATB(Automatic Temperature Balance)
FOD(Foreign Object Debris)

Selection of wireless charging chip:

High-end choise: TI, NXP, IDT, ST etc.
Easy to pass QI testing: nuVolta, E-Charging, chipsvision, generalplus etc.
Think less of pass QI testing: ST, generalplus, nuvoton, chipsea etc.
In China: Fangxin, Mifeng, Blande etc.


Big brand: TI (High efficiency, stable performance)
Easy to pass QI: nuVolta (High efficiency, simple external, easy to pass QI testing)
Think less of pass QI testing: ST (Stable performance)
Lower price: Chipsea (Lower price)